Saturday, July 7, 2012


Wow. Time has flown by.  I wanted to drop in in case anyone was wondering where I went. :)
There has been so much upheaval in our home for the past 5 months. The last post reflects the time it was when my 95 year old Aunt living with us for almost 2 months fell and broke her collar bone because her sugar was over 500.  The journey from then until now has been long and arduous.  We had no idea she had diabetes.  Things are just beginning to settle down and "HEALTH" has become an obsession for me now.

I am getting older and do not want to see my body decline the way I am seeing it in my Aunt and Mother and Father.  So today I want to share a TREASURE I found through a website I found called Underground Wellness and then to my surprise my son's doctor sent it home with him when he needed to knock out some real cruddy infection.  It is called Protandim and you can't find it in any store right now.  It is a powerful Free-Radical Killer.  Free Radicals in are body are those nasty things that run wild, get out of control and cause cancer and other diseases including aging prematurely.  My son and I are hooked because we can see and feel a difference in our skin and body.  It's not cheap but Healthy costs are lower than Sick costs!!
Now if I could only find something to help me with "Panic Disorder".

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