Monday, October 31, 2011

Simple Joys!!

Tonight I handed out candy to about 30 adorable little ones who couldn't wait to dive into my bowl of candy. So young and so eager to run to the door yelling "Trick or Treat!". The parents took pictures of their babies first Halloween where they could walk to the door without mommy or daddy.  It brought back great memories of me and my son and the excitement in the air with all the kids running and laughing and comparing their bags. There were a few too many "Scream" costumes. I got a little scared :)

Then I made pesto pasta for dinner. I bagged so much basil this summer and was craving homemade pesto with artichokes.  Yummm. After handing out all that chocolate candy I was craving dessert.  A coke and chocolate ice cream  float did the trick!

I prepared for my visit to the doctor tomorrow.  I found a new primary doctor.  I've been unhappy with the doctor who's been my primary for about 6 years now.  When I came back to Atlanta from Colorado I had to find all new doctors.  It's crazy how much changes in 5 years.  In the big city it seems more and more common that doctors "aren't taking new patients".  I don't like that I can't go to whom I choose.
If they are "the best" I want to go to them.  Times sure have changed.

Time for bed. Good Night and Sweet Dreams. I thank God for the ups and downs of today, for keeping me and my family safe and showing me the blessing of children and their simple joys. I needed to be reminded of where my focus needs to be. Life is good. Tomorrow is going to be a GREAT DAY!!

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