Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lucky Me!

I have had a series of doctor's appointments for the past month and have one left.  My medical "issue" started with a required bone density test back in 2005.  I was in my mid 40's and all of a sudden my doctor's are telling me I have to get a bone density test, a colonoscopy, my usual mammorgrams and other "female" check-ups.  Oh fun!!
My bone density turned out to be a big surprise for me. I had mild osteoporosis - NOT Osteopenia which is what comes before osteoporosis.  The doctor said to start "boniva", take calcium and call me in the morning!
OK. So I started.  After researching Boniva I did some research and didn't like what I was finding out about this drug.  So I stopped and just took extra calcium while eating lots of calcium rich foods.
Then my visit to the Osteoporosis doctor revealed low Vitamin D.  He prescribed 10,000 units a week forever. Wow. I thought Vitamin D was fat soluble.  I am told in order to utilize it and get enough of it some of us have to take more. OK.
This doctor did another bone density (this is a year later mind you).  He wanted me on the newest drug "Forteo". This is a self-given shot once a day for a year.  Some people do 2 years but after a year I heard about a once a year shot.  I hated those daily shots.  My doctor wanted to see if my body could tolerate the shot so he wanted me to begin a series of Boniva shots once every 3 months for a year.  I complied.
Another bone density test was done and my numbers were'nt changing.  We agreed on the "Reclast" shot once a year.
Another bone density test and my numbers were worse.
Lucky me!  As it turns out I am in the 1% of people whose bones do not respond to these drugs.
I set out on a mission to find some alternatives to add to what the doctors were prescribing.  I found a supplement called Osteo K that I heard about at a wonderful site run by Sean Croxton called Underground Wellness.  I decided it couldn't hurt to start taking it.  My doctor approved.
I walk, do yoga, work with weights at the gym and eat lots of calcium rich foods.
My doctor said I am doing everything and "the more I beat up my body the better".  I was relieved to hear I am not at risk for a fracture at this time.
Now he wants to start me on a new drug that is designed for people like me who don't respond to the other drugs.  It is called "prolia".  I don't think I have much of a choice but to try it along with my Osteo K.  The side effects are minimal and as long as I keep trying I know I will increase bone density.
What is so interesting to me is that for years I have noticed that I don't respond to medications the way other people do.  I have had to figure this out on my own with doctors not usually believing me until I make them.  This new information proves that my body chemistry is "one of  a kind". It is important that we all know we are created uniquely and need to be our own advocates with our medical doctors.  If your doctor does not listen to you move on!  Ask your friends and everyone you meet who they see.  You'll have to bounce around but it will be worth it in the end when you find that "medical professional" who is just right for you.
We all do this for our children and parents.  It's time we do it for ourselves!  I did and I'm so happy with the doctors I have now.  It was stressful and time consuming but I have a lot of years left and I want them to be full and wonderful.  Here's to your health!!

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