Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hot Flashes!! Here comes another one!!

Oh...when will it end?  I have the most severe hot flashes and night sweats.  I've been told by many they DO go away.  It's been 7 years and some months are light but most are unbearable.  My sleep deprivation has the most significant impact on my life.  It affects my health, my immune system, my mood, my ability to do my work and day to day things required of me.  I'm writing about this today not to go on and on about menopause or complain (Although I really want to) but to tell you how I hurt myself trying to cool off. 
I was so hot last night (the temperature was in the low 30's outside) but I could not get comfortable no matter how many covers and clothes I took off.  I finally opened the window.  The cold flew in and gave me some comfort.  I know others in the house were in disbelief and suffered.  I felt badly but anyone who has experienced this will know it's like "survival instinct" kicks in and "no one is going to touch that thermostat"!!!  To my dismay I woke up with the worst sore throat and feeling like I have the flu.  Mind you....I got a flu shot this year.  Some will say there is no way the cold coming in the window gave me a virus.  I intellectually know this but feel that I should not have let that freezing air get into my throat and lungs while I slept or attempted to sleep.  It seems the longer my body is beaten up by the ravages of "menopause" the weaker my immune system gets.
I do juice, take vitamins, exercise, eat right, use other herbs and natural/organic things to keep me healthy.  But if we don't get SLEEP everything good we are doing gets cancelled out.
I am drinking my mixture of Green and Sleepytime tea (chamomile being the key ingredient for relaxing and helping me go to sleep) and raw honey and going to try to sleep.  According to my cousin I have 3 years left.  I don't want to believe that.  I say "I am not sick.  I am not in menopause".  I will keep telling myself that!!
I will drift off tonight hoping my sore throat goes away.  Sore throats are the worst symptom of a virus.  In my whole life I don't ever remember getting a sore throat.  Now I know what my poor babies went through when they got strep throat.


  1. Oh no...sounds aweful. I just turned 45 and I have been suffering the changes in my hormones for a few years now. I have some night sweats, nothing like what you are describing! I just feel like I have PMS all the time! More anxiety...which I don't like and sometimes feel lost. But I've read those are all symptoms. Can I ask...when did your menopause begin? I do not plan to take anything unless it gets too severe, then I will only take the natural products. I eat healthy, take vitamins, and exercise. I have even been sleeping more. I'm sorry you are suffering so much. My heart goes out to you. ox

  2. My menopause began when I was 44. I am now 52. I refuse to take meds for it (hormones). I take natural products, eat healthy and exercise. Making sure I get enough sleep seems to help the most and that is the time of day when symptoms are the worst. This lowers my immune system and just plain causes trouble. I drink sleepytime tea and pray for a peaceful full nights sleep. Thanks for your concern. I'm glad you are not suffering terribly. I've heard horror stories so I think I'm not so bad.

  3. Thank you Anice. This helps to know. It helps to not feel alone in it. I'm so happy you like your notecards. When I package a purchase I feel like it is a gift and I try to make it beautiful. Merry Christmas. Enjoy your time with your son and tending to his needs. What a beautiful mother heart you have. ox