Monday, November 14, 2011

Little blessings

I have a funny and awesome story to tell about My Wishboard.  I had a picture on my board of a shed I loved and hoped to have one day.  It had been on the board above my desk for about a year.  My mother is a treasure hunter like me.  So when she came by my house one day with the most adorable porch table with two folding chairs I did not realize something very cool. 

I set it up on my porch and enjoyed it on warm summer mornings.  One evening after work I was looking at my board and out popped the chair that is in the fore-front of the picture of my shed I want.  I almost fell out of my chair. 

There in the picture was THE exact chair my mom had purchased with the cute little porch set; folding legs and red....just like the picture. It's not like most chairs - very unique.  I was awestruck!  I didn't have the shed yet but I got the chair I wasn't even focusing on.  Awesome how things turn out.  I felt the little twinge of God's whisper saying I'm here. Ask and you shall receive. It's the little blessings that WOW us.


  1. So thankful you came by to visit me at my Quiet blog so that I could find you. I am at a similar place in my life where my children are growing up and not around as much. They are beginning to leave the nest and I have found myself alone more than ever...but I am learning to adjust and finding the closeness of God to comfort me.

  2. So nice to hear back from you. I am so glad you were my very first comment!! I admire your work and love your blogs.