Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The beginning of the month always seems to bring me a bit of anxiety.  It's bill paying time.  At least the major ones like the mortgage or rent, utilities, groceries. You know.....all those "Necessities we must have to ensure a roof over our heads and hot running water (which I never take for granted)".  I do my monthly budget, organize my coupons and GO!  It's always crunch time at work at this time of the month.  We are closing the month before in the first 2 weeks of the following month.  Needless to say I'm juggling personal and work "money".  And we all know when dealing with money: check, check and re-check.  No mistakes.  Well maybe 1 but it is usually caught pretty quickly by me or my very understanding boss. Make that 2 bosses - my controller at work and ME at home.  Double Jeopardy!

This month has been especially stressful since my 80 year old mother's 94 year old sister fell a few weeks ago and we put mom on a plane to go be with her. My mom is the youngest of ten children.  Her sister is almost like a mother to her.  She is struggling with how to tell her it is not safe for her to be alone in her house anymore. Aunt Connie is inactive because her heart is bad.  This keeps her muscles weak and atrophied. So she falls sometimes.  I'll keep you posted on where she ends up - in a home near her where there are lots of people who would love to listen to her vibrant stories of her long life or here, far from home where she would not even have her own room.  I have been handling my mother's finances as well as mine while she is away.  Foreshadowing of times to come???

When under stress I LOVE to shop. Bargain shopping is the most fun. What new treasure can I find today and not break my budget?
Today's treasure:
Ahhhhhh. Now I'm Happy!!!!

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