Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Remembering to slow down

I find myself this day realizing that I haven't written in my blog for a while but couldn't believe it has been so long. The months are just flying by.  I can barely keep up. My lower and upper back were really hurting.  "I hate getting old" I would say to myself.  Then I would remember what I did at the gym that day.  I am finished shopping for Thanksgiving.  I am going to my brother's house because everyone else in my family will be out of town visiting in-laws.  We all get so busy this time of year and maybe forget to breathe.  My plate has been definitely been full.  I decided to stop and do something for me which is blog-surfing and enjoying the beautiful things I see.  There are so many talented people in blog world.  I am in awe most of the time and get such great ideas.  I also like to go through my own pictures, forgetting what I have added to my collection lately.  I came across the above picture I took while in my doctors office one day.  It called to me today so I am sharing it with you in case you need a reminder to Slow Down!!!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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