Wednesday, November 6, 2013


It is that time of year again where I see people everywhere showing thankfulness and gratefulness in their blogs and posts, on Facebook and Twitter, although I don't twitter yet. 
One technical thing at a time for this ole gal!

I am very happy to say that I practice thankfulness and gratefulness every single day. It is a principle taught to me by Scripture and by friends and my step daughters and son who are so wise!  I am surrounded by such special people who keep me standing in gratefulness when I tend to go off the deep end into bitterness and anger when my triggers are triggered.  They reel me in when they are there and help me get back into the place that is naturally peaceful.

I don't like leaving this place of peacefulness but daily life has a way of taking me into the world of chaos.       So I am actually grateful for "gratefulness"!!

Hoping you find peace today! Find one thing to be grateful for!  Today I am grateful for very old gorgeous trees!

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