Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cutest Little Red Shelf

This shelf is solid wood and was in my store and then garage for years.  When I discovered Annie Sloan Chalk paint I knew I wanted to paint this shelf a red color.  I could see it in a little boys bedroom or playroom. Mostly because of its size.  It is not very tall, about 5' high.
I picked Emporers Silk and added just a little bit of dark wax over the edges and other parts.  I didn't want it to really look aged, just painted on purpose with a shadow look.

Here's how it looked before.  Once again I got too excited and thought about the picture after I had started applying the paint.  Will I ever get it right?  Yes I will.

And with the red applied so you can see a larger view of the piece before.

I finsihed it with 2 coats of the Annie Sloan paint.  Since it was solid wood without any sealer on it I didn't have to sand or add a bonding agent.  I let it cure a few days before adding my own dark wax.  I haven't taken the plunge into purchasing Annie Sloan's wax yet.  I do have one of her wax brushes and love it!  I buffed and buffed with a cloth until I got the shine I was looking for. 

I hung a "care tag" because like my fellow bloggers I like to feel the paint is part of the wood.  I got the idea from "The Purple Painted Lady" who is an awesome painter and blogger and a great source for tutorials.  That perfect hard finish takes a lot of time, almost a month, especially in this hot, humid southern weather.
I have nicknamed it "Cowboy Shelf" because it has an authentic western feel to it,  Even painted.

  With a Flash   No flash

   No flash
I hope you can tell how nicely it came out.  My camera needs an upgrade! 

In case you want to see my care tag, here is a picture of the front and back or you can fold it where ther instructions are on the inside depending on what template from Publisher you pick.

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