Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tired Old Stool ReInvented

Every time I look at my old stool I think "Oh you poor stool, I really need to give you some lovin".
I absolutely loved the fact that this stool was sturdy with clean lines and a crazy fabric that looked like it came out of the late 50's early 60's.  I would definitely call it "MOD".  But the colors were dull and the paint was worn and gray. 

So I got to work.  Instead of sanding I primed the base with a basic white primer.  Then painted it with a semi-gloss white water based paint I had laying around.  I don't think it had a name just the numbers on top of the can from "Home Depot".

Looking better already.

What really motivated me to actually get to work on this little baby was that my mom and I found some great fabric while out hunting one day.  Her house is very colorful and full of primitive antiques from Pennsylvania where she lived for most of her life.  She has the good stuff!  But she also has a funkiness about her and loves, yellows and reds.  She is always reupholstering her chairs and buying new curtains.  Her kitchen is yellow and her chairs are red and surround a 1700 bench table.  I'll post pictures of her kitchen when we redo her chairs with her new fabric.  But one of the fabrics she was going to incorporate with another on the chairs was not going to work.  It had gray dots and I didn't think they would look nice with the rest of the colors and fabrics in the room so I inherited the fabric and thought it would be perfect for my stool.


I think it turned out Gorgeous!!  Thanks Mom.

This baby sold in a flash!


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