Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DIY Shoe Rack for a Small Space

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!! With limited space in my closets and my love for shoes I was running out of room.  I had shoes in a plastic box under my bed and couldn't get to it easily.  I have sandals and flats hanging on my door which are easily accessible.  My dressy and professional heels needed to be sitting or hanging, not scrunched all over each other in a big plastic box. It was getting to be a big big dilema for me and I was getting really frustrated.

Under the bed......

I was hunting one day and saw this really cool distressed white ladder that was wide and not tall.  It was $15.00 so I told myself I had to find a use for it.  It was the middle of summer and gardening was at its peak so I figured it would work somewhere in the yard or garden.  To my dismay it was not working in the garden.  I was going to take it to my booth at the Antique Mall and use it for something but with only one wall I couldn't see it standing by itself.  And I haven't gotten my woodworking area together yet.

While cleaning my bedroom it just jumped into my head!  There is a spot of wall big enough next to my antique armoire/TV stand/filing cabinet.  Hmmmm.  That ladder/fence thing outside could hold all my high heels and very nicely I might add.  I went outside, scrubbed it really well with bleach water to make sure there wouldn't be any mold or bugs brought into my house.

When it dried I lugged it upstairs and have a look. 


I can now see what shoes I actually have and it actually looks organized!

Don't forget to add something soft to the back of anything you lean against the wall to protect the wall.  I was out of the felt you add to the bottom of chairs so they don't scratch the floors so I ended up using the soft heel inserts for high heels that are too big.   I found that impromptu solution quite appropriate for my new high heel rack!!

Once the creative juices get going it's amazing what just comes to us!! Happy Hunting!

Wishing you Peace,

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