Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back in The Saddle

Hi All!  I have been on a journey that I never anticipated going on.  This past year my eyes have been opened to what it's like to care for an elderly parent and an elderly aunt at the same time.
Go here to my other blog "Panic and Anxiety"- to learn about how this affected me and how I got through it.  The link is also on the right under "My other blog".

I have managed to get back into my own booth at an antique mall as a way to get back in business doing what I love!  The economy forced me to get a job in accounting for the past 7 years but I have suffered "creativity withdrawls" and had to start doing something about it.  I started this blog shortly before my Aunt moved in with us.  Anyone notice how it seems that the care for the elderly relatives falls on the female in the family who is single, with children old enough to be on their own, or the female that is the "caretaker"?
I didn't realize how all-consuming it would be and how stressful and frankly, depressing.

I am slowly joining the world again.  I have followed all my favorite blogs and am back into painting furniture and finding treasures to sell.  Right now I am painting some brass lamps with a metallic finish that will actually look aged when I am done.  I will post about it soon.

I wish you Peace,

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