Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall and Getting Ready for Halloween in Atlanta. Harvest Time

Fall came a couple of weeks ago and we still have green, green, green everywhere and it's still very warm during the day.  It's cooler at night but the air conditioner is still on (not as much but still on). It's a  little tough to get into the spirit of Fall and Halloween when you don't have red, yellow and brown leaves falling all around while a brisk coolness settles on the land and house but it's here so I better get on it!! Before we know it we will be planning our Thanksgiving menus.

We got the Fall (I call it Harvest Time) and Halloween box out of the shed and had so much fun. I surprised myself how much fun it was because it has been such a busy summer and I didn't think I'd have the "desire".  A few days later and a new laminate Brazilian Cherry wood floor downstairs and I am still tweeking but I'll show you what I have done so far.

The orange "clay" candle boxes lent the perfect whimsy to the fun metal witch. Very colorful and fun. Fits just right on our kitchen table in the breakfast room. The candles are a new addition to the Halloween decor this year. The table runner and witch we had.


Onto the dining room table. More color! This was fun. I took my mom around to a new antique mall and to Michaels. We got just a couple of pumpkins. All the rest we had on hand. I had a bag of fall colored leaves that I had fun just dropping over the centerpiece just like the leaves falling like they should be outside! Isn't Mister Scarecrow cute?


I wanted to make sure you saw the table runner up close. It can be dressed up or down!



I mentioned that we got new flooring.  Here's a peek.........

While rummaging through my Orange Halloween Box I found a baggie with a bunch of little felt pilgrim hats I made 10 years ago. I couldn't believe it. It's a long story but I had a lot of things in storage and am finally getting around to purging! Surprisingly I am finding some treasures in that storage. My crafting bug got me and I ran out to Cracker Barrel where they still had the same candy canes I used with the hats. At the same time I found the hats I was playing with cans and burlap. This is what I came up with. One for the mantle and one for the candy canes and hats!




I keep trying to figure out what was on the top of this mason jar but it was just created to look "earthy" and it does!

Coudn't resist including this fabulous Turkey Tray. 
 Don't you love the detail on this Turkey Tray?  Outdoor decorating will be another day.


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