Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wood Aging an Oval Silver Mirror

I found the perfect mirror to go in the spare bedroom.  It is oval and simple, big and was "silver".  I had a tiny mirror where I want to put this mirror.  It was one of those "It'll make do for now" that lasted for years.  I didn't want a silver mirror so every time I saw one I passed it up.  When I saw this one I decided I couldn't wait any longer for the perfect solid wood mirror.  I could make it look like wood. 

Like this one -

I primed it with Annie Sloan Pure White chalk paint so I didn't have to sand it.  It worked perfectly.  I then went to it with an aging glaze mixed with dark wax.  No paint at all.  Just glaze and wax.  I painted it on with a brush and it came out beautifully.  It looks just like wood that has an aged patina.

I don't have any before pictures but just think of "silver oval mirror". 
I like this mirror because it is large and heavy.  But not too heavy.
A truly solid piece. 
It's going to look great in the spare bedroom.

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