Friday, October 25, 2013

Reupholster Chair seat - Get Those Tiny Long Staples Out

I have been wanted to reupholster my chair seats in the kitchen for a few weeks now.  I ordered a pretty hemp linen fabric so before it arrived I wanted to get started on getting the fabric off the seats.
Well.  I turned the first seat over to start removing staples and this is what I saw"

Can you see those teeny tiny staples around the edges?  I tried my usual screwdriver and the head was too big. I thought I would be able to quickly find something at a fabric store or Walmart or Home Depot that would fit under that staple.  It was down in there and really tight.  I didn't know people used these staples to reupholster a chair seat.
I couldn't find anything.  So I gave up for a while.  I stumbled across the perfect thing one day while I was cleaning up some of my tools after a different project.  My 5 in 1 tool was staring at me saying.  "I can do it.  I can do it."  Ha!  I ran into the kitchen and tore into the seat.  That very pointy end did the trick!!
It wasn't as easy as I thought but they were coming out.  As I'm taking them out I see not one, not 2 but 3 layers of fabric that have to come off this seat.  That meant 3 layers of staples.  Luckily the other staples were the easy ones. 
I finally got one chair seat done.  It took about 2 hours.   But I did it and I did it right.  Now my chair seat won't have any fabric designs peaking through my new fabric.
I wanted to share this because I was so frustrated that I couldn't get these staples out and couldn't find anything out there that gave me any idea other than the usual professional tools that are costly and hard to find or the standard screwdriver and hammer.  I will never use those staples!

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