Saturday, October 19, 2013

Easy Furniture Painting Tip / Swivel/Prop Plant Stand Idea / Furniture Moves Instead of You

I was beginning to get weary of walking around the pieces of furniture I wanted to paint.

I had seen a post on propping furniture legs to make it easier to get all the way to the bottom without some paint ending up o the floor and keep the paint from sticking to the floor and peeling when you move the furniture after it is dry.  There are all kinds of ways people do this but it still didn't solve my having to walk around the piece over and over.

Light Bulb!

 I thought of a great use for my extra rolling planter stand.  You can see one just like mine at Ikea here. One is being used for a large plant (my "Pineapple" which has gotten really heavy) and the other was sitting on a shelf.

Now I can sit or stand and just turn the tale as I go.  I am not missing any spots and my knees, legs and back are very happy!  Just turn and Paint!
It is true what they say about necessity being the mother of invention.  When you get to be my age (50 something) you find all kinds of ways to keep the aches and pains at bay!


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  2. Just found your post via 4 the love of wood. I am just beginning to paint furniture and thought this was a brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing. I have pinned it to my board.

  3. Thanks so much! Sorry for the major delay in response but it's been a heck of winter. I appreciate you pinning!! Hope all is well for you!